One of the coolest things we got to do this year was be a part of Jay Leno’s Garage (Season 3 – Getting Away – The Season Finally)!  Well, at least I think this is the Season 3 finally.

Next on | Jay Leno’s Garage: Getting Away from CNBC.

I had no idea when I dreamed up building our own Wagon Queen Family Truckster to take our kids on classic 1980’s road trips across America, that one day we would be on Jay Leno’s Garage.  That’s pretty darn cool!

The difficult part was keeping this secret for a full year.  We filmed in Atlanta, GA at the Varsity downtown in Feb. 2017.  It was cold, very cold, but as the filming went on it warmed up a little bit.

Getting ready to film the chase scenes for the Griswolds Jay Leno's Garage Show

The coolest memory was driving in downtown Atlanta with a police escort blocking every side street so we could film the driving shots.  There is something about running red lights one after another while the film crew from Jay Leno’s Garage is literally hanging out of a van in harnesses radioing you to get closer to the bumper.  Getting just inches from the film crews van with the kids in the back seat asking “Are we there yet” was ridiculously fun.

Hopefully the interview turned out well.  It’s exciting but stressful doing interviews like this.  That 30 minutes before filming started I got a tad nervous.  After a few minutes I’m fine, but when they say we are ready for you and you walk out to sit in a directors chair with all the cameras and lights, it’s hard to not be a little nervous.

I also don’t know how much of the interview and filming actually will make it into the show, so I’ll be seeing this for the first time along with everyone else.

So be sure and watch Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Getting Away Thursday Feb. 8 at 10 PM ET on CNBC.  If you miss it I am sure it will be on again or available on the Jay Leno’s Garage website.


Filming Jay Leno's Garage with the Griswold Family

I have created a gallery of some iPhone shots Amber and I took during our day at the Varsity.  Be sure to watch Thursday night.  The show airs Feb 8, 2018 on CNBC.