Griswold Family Road Trips

Getting Away on Jay Leno’s Garage

2018 kicks off with an epic Road Trip!  The entire family will be on Jay Leno’s Garage Thursday Feb. 8th at 10p ET on CNBC!  Filming this was a blast and I can’t wait to see it myself.  Here is a quick preview video of the upcoming show.  If you miss Jay Leno’s Garage it’s also available on Amazon and I’m sure will be on again later.  I also wrote a behind the scenes at Jay Leno’s Garage blog post with photos and more details about the experience.



The Tonight Show’s Orlando Vacation

Jimmy Fallon Orlando Vacation

We are at the Universal Orlando Resort with The Tonight Show!  Jimmy Fallon is heading to Orlando on “Vacation” to see his new ride and Universal Studios Orlando and he takes his crew on vacation with him.  The epic cold open to The Tonight Show to launch the ride is spectacular and a great nod to the Vacation films.  Here is our road trip to Universal and a behind the scenes look at the filming of The Tonight Show.

Road Trips Across the USA …

As we road trip across the USA, we like to make road trip log entries and share some cool places we have visited with you.  These are our latest articles and photos from our road trips around the USA.  You can also follow us on our Road Trip Videos, and our special “Disney Edition” videos too.


Zombie’s Help You Lose Weight In Perry GA

We love to find cool events, tourist attractions, and hotels and festivals that you can road trip too with your friends or family.  If you are looking for the coolest 5k run EVER, this is it.  We ran (walked) the Zombie Run in Perry GA.  It’s the most amazing place to have a 5K that I have ever seen.  Check it out.

Vacation Movie Hollywood Premier & After Party

ed helms vacation movie

Ed Helms with Steve and Lisa Griswold, Vacation Movie After Party

We are at the Vacation Movie Premier (Black Carpet Event) in Hollywood and also heading to Walley World for the movie after party.  Take a look at the Vacation Movie premier photo gallery from the event.

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 We are extras in the Vacation Movie!

Steve and Lisa Griswold Talk about the Truckster in the Vacation movie with Chevy Chase

Steve and Lisa Griswold Talk about the Truckster in the Vacation movie with Chevy Chase

This is pretty cool.  Lisa and I are extras in the new Warner Brothers Vacation Movie.
Look for us in the Walley World screens and also we might be in the DVD extra footage.
Also our car, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster has a staring role in the new Vacation film.  Yes our Griswold Truckster got the royal treatment in Hollywood too and rolled onto the red carpet (well black carpet) Movie Premier event also.  So keep an eye out for our Family Truckster in the Vacation Movie and also for Lisa and I.

Here is a special behind the scenes peek at the making of the Vacation Movie.

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Vacation Movie two thumbs up

Vacation Movie

The new Warner Brother Vacation Movie trailer opened to laughs and a roaring round of applause at cinemacon this week.  Everything is looking perfect for a epic return of the Griswolds on July 31, 2015.  This is definatly a must see on the Summer movie list.

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4 Steps to Your Vacation

vacation-budgetLet’s get you on your Dream Vacation!  Read our new travel articles designed to help you make all those vacation decisions.  Here are the 4 Steps to find the money, plan, and get you on your vacation.  Start Here!

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New Vacation Movie!

vacation movie
It’s been 32 years since National Lampoon’s Vacation movie hit the screens, but today we have some very exciting news.  A New Vacation movie is in the works.  The Vacation Reboot takes place as Rusty Griswold, one of the kids in the original Vacation movie, now takes his family on a road trip to Walley World.  Read about the new Vacation Movie


Route 66 Griswold Road Trip

We are hitting the road this Summer and taking a road trip across America on Route 66.  Our journey will take 10 days to cross the US and we can’t wait to see all that route 66 has to offer.  From classic diners, unique tourist attractions, historic motels, and of course the Grand Canyon.  Come along for the ride on the Griswolds’ Route 66 Road Trip

Walt Disney World – Car Show – Car Masters

Disney World Car ShowDisney’s Cars Masters Weekend 2014 was so much fun.
Be sure to take a look at our Disney Car Masters highlights video from the event and also our Disney Cars Masters Weekend Photo Tour

It was great meeting everyone at Downtown Disney for the Cars Masters Weekend.  The event took place Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15, 2014.  We hope to see everyone back at Cars Master 2015 at Disney World again.  Be safe and create some family fun road trip memories this summer.


Road Trip Walt Disney World

Griswold Vacation at Walt Disney World

Walley, I mean Disney World here we come.  We spent a week at Walt Disney World and here are the highlights.  This trip also inspired our “Disney Edition” Griswold Vacation Video Series, that cover everything Disney.  Griswolds Road Trip to Disney World

Griswold Road Trip – Gatorland

Griswold Family Road Trip - Gatorland

This week we loaded everyone up into the Griswold Family Vacation Truckster and headed over to Gatorland.

Gatorland is a classic.  Opening in 1949 the park has definitely expanded over the years and we spent a half day touring the park, shows and attractions.  Here is our Gatorland Trip Report.


Road Trips Around the WORLD …

We have packed up the Griswold Family Truckster and are heading to Australia.  We have some fantastic hidden gems to share with you as we hit Melbourne and Sydney.

doughboys griswold family vacation travel tip

Melbourne Australia – Hidden Gem

Our first stop is Doughboys a pop-up donut shop that only extreme donut fans know how to find, until now.  Doughboys hand makes and hand dips each donut they make and boy is this little know secret worth the trip.  Check out these donuts!