With the last name “Griswold” we know how to survive the long drives to see family 12 hours away. We have a three year old, Brooke and seven year old, Amber.  So we know all about family travel in the Truckster and keeping everyone happy, healthy and entertained along the way.  For us it’s about the journey AND the destination.  Here are our Griswold Road Trip Travel Tips, top 3.

Road Trip Travel Tips

Road Trip TIP 1 – Leave Early

The first thing we do is leave very early in the morning. Like 4 AM early. This way the kids are sleeping on those 7 hour trips to Disney World and by the time the sun comes up and they start to wake up we are pretty close to a day of Disney fun. Also you are not dealing with traffic early in the morning and it’s nice to see the day start and the sun come up once in awhile.


Road Trip TIP 2 -On-board Entertainment

There are several affordable ways to now bring entertainment with you on a road trip. In addition to activity books, an iPhone filled with fun free or 99 cent games goes a long way. For $99 or less a portable DVD player and some movies to make the ride more enjoyable is a great option. Also we will stop at Red Box and pick up and drop off movies along the way. This is a great way to break up the trip, get out of the car, and also have the family pick the next movie for the next leg of the trip. There are Red Box vending machines at most grocery stores and drugstores making it easy to pick up and drop off movies along the way.

If you have an iPad or tablet load some movies on it and bring a car charger with you.

Road Trip TIP 3 – Plan in some breaks

With kids you need to plan on some breaks. So plan on stopping for bathroom breaks, and to get out and walk around. Also, packing some snacks and drinks (carrots, bottled waters, trail mix, and a few of your children’s favorite treats that you can pull out as a surprise is a great idea.

Don’t Forget, In Car Road Trip List:
Cellphone and charger
Car Chargers for games, DVD player, iPad…
Snacks and Drinks
Pillows and Blankets
Money for tolls or epass toll devices
Pack with Easy Access to your cooler, snacks and entertainment
Kid Activity books, games
Baby Supplies