We are back from our first car show. We took a road trip in the Griswold Family Truckster to Walt Disney World for Car Masters Weekend at Downtown Disney.

First I have to say it was really awesome driving down I-75 in the Truckster to Disney World. I spent the night at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort and Disney even had a roped off section for all of us with our cars that were attending Disney Car Masters Weekend.

Of course there were some Truckster issues along the way.  My gas tank gauge stopped working so it was always on empty and my headlights switch broke so I could not turn on my headlights.  Also the Truckster decided to stall and do that at almost every stop light I came too.  But I made it there and back and had an amazing time.

I was by the AMC and Splitsville Bowling store fronts and both days I met so many fans, car enthusiasts and made so many friends.  I only wish I had time to really walk around and enjoy the event and Downtown Disney myself.  It was a blast.

I did manage to take a handful of photos and film the event very quickly to make a Car Masters Video of the 2014 Disney event.

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Disney Car Masters Weekend 2014 Video Highlights

Disney Car Masters Weekend Photo Tour










Disney Car Masters Weekend - Griswold Truckster

Disney Car Masters Griswold Family Truckster Chip Foose

Disney Pixar Jay Ward Car Masters Winner - Downtown Disney Car Show Winner Griswold Truckster

Disney Pixar Car Master Weekend Pixar Award - Griswold Vacation Truckster

Disney World Car Masters Griswold vacation

Disney World Car masters Winner 2014 Griswold Truckster Pixar Award

Griswold Vacation Truckster Disney Car Masters