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4 Steps to your Dream Vacation

Not 8 steps, we slim lined the planning process for you.


Ready to start planning your dream vacation? You are in the right place. I have outlined the four steps to your dream vacation that will walk you though dreaming, budgeting, planning and taking that bucket list trip of a life time.  So let’s get started.


STEP 1 Choosing the Destination


a-griswold-travelThere are so many places to see and so many amazing experiences you can have, so it can be difficult to pick just the right vacation. Of course there are several things that come into play when selecting that perfect holiday spot. Sometimes we will plan a vacation close to home. It might be because of the limited amount of time we have or maybe our budget is limited and we cannot justify airline tickets.  Start here to choose your vacation destination.

Start Here


STEP 2 Budget and Saving for Your Vacation


Budget-VacationsBudgeting and then saving for your vacation sure is not easy. It takes discipline and a plan, but don’t fear we will help you with everything here.  So get started on Step 2 – Budgeting and Saving for your Vacation.




STEP 3 Figuring out where to go


Paris TravelIt’s time to start your travel bucket list. I have set up a Vacation Pinterest board with all kinds of inspiring vacation destinations to get you mind thinking about where you want to go. Part of figuring out where you want to go hinges on who is going, when you can travel, your interests and your budget.




STEP 4 Book It – Tips for booking your vacation

Vacation travel agentOne of the most important steps in planning and paying for your vacation is the booking process. Often times people find a very low rate online and just book the vacation without reading the fine print. These “teaser” rates often times are bare bone offers and you soon find out that everything is extra. There are all sorts of hidden hotel fees, transportation fees, taxes. So please do your homework before you book. Vacations also can come with cancellation fees and penalties so this is another reason to research your trip before booking.