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It’s time to start your travel bucket list. I have set up a Vacation Pinterest board with all kinds of inspiring vacation destinations to get you mind thinking about where you want to go. Part of figuring out where you want to go hinges on who is going, when you can travel, your interests and your budget.

Also different vacation destinations and types of vacations require different levels of planning and logistics. An all inclusive vacation might just require you to get on a flight and from that point on everything is taken care of. A road trip across America on the other hand requires planning out everything piece by piece.

So depending on your type of vacation the logistics can be fairly easy or extremely complex. We have done all sorts of trips. When we take road trips across America to make sure we are at each location on time I spend hours planning out each day, the mileage, book the hotels, plan the days events and then plan the driving for the next day to the next road trip spot. A long road trip can take a great deal of logistics.

Now we also like to cruise and in contrast our Cruise vacations take much less planning once we know what cruise line and destinations we want to see. The stateroom is booked for the entire stay, transportation while we are on the ship is all taken care of, meals we just have to show up for… There is some planning for shore excursions, special dining restaurants, pre and post trip stays and transfers, but the logistics are much easier. An all-inclusive resort vacation is similar.


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